I rely kindness from my family,

cos shyness has taken a sit while courage is misplaces,

frowns that surface from the known,

smile that surface from the known,

birds that sing,

vultures that prey nothing to be preyed on,

hushed when you whisper,

dreams that can only be dreams,

silence shadowed by screams,

hope of knowing the unknown,

collecting courage in a jar, ready to open the lid the a new unknown,

hope of making a friend.



My innocent ears,

listening through my whole living years,

my life crippled by fear,

and riddled when near,

my younger years,

grasping all i could in college,

but my feeble brain didn’t grasp enough knowledge,

with fear you can’t manage,

the strongest will,

the freelance heart,

the overwhelmed conscience,

the philosophy of a mad man,

the embarkment of a well thought plan,

silence in death,

free and happy from debts,

but fear of being lifeless,

sarcasm of letting an old man keep your secret when he won’t even remember it,

sarcasm and irony of fear, balancing through a balancing rope.



Eyeing through the window pane,

seeing joy cut through pain,

seeing beauty and not cuteness,

maybe foolish or just clueless,

soft skin through my eyes,

her choice of smell that matches her sparkling face,

the heart in every place,

her morning wishes, her goodnight kisses,

through the window pane, my eyes are at peace.


I look at my parents,

suddenly i feel old,

i realize i am not a boy anymore, but a man,

my face full of beards,

my belly full of drinks they used to say were bad,

i look at them and see change,

change that i wish was only a pretense,

but their skins are getting old,

and their sense of humor making more sense,

how time flies,

how ‘young’ dies,

how regrets fade because of a mistake,

when maturity sleeps, responsibilities wake,

so old age knocks, and your wrinkled skin opens,

and you have no choice but to give it a stool for it to feel home,

now you sit and your children look at you and realize they are not children anymore.


We don’t see life as life,

climb on trees or mountains to shout,

we have four chambers,

all meant to love,

a hand that stretches is equally meant to have,

but life goes , disappears, flies far beyond your reach,

wish for it to make a turn but nature forces are strong,

forehead, heart, right shoulder, left shoulder and a kiss in the air,

it’s a bye.


Dear deer, it looks like rain but they are tears from the clouds,

they are heavy like rain stones,

don’t merry under them,

don’t rejoice thinking they will nurture the grass for you to eat and be healthy,

dear deer, know your way cos hunters are everywhere,

your swift movements, that’s what they are after,

after you dead, that the beginning of their laughter,

dear deer, the clouds are angry not hungry,

but who took the joy away?

is it the air being polluted?

please deer ask what’s the problem is,

their sadness kills what’s down here,

dear deer, don’t eat the grass,

the clouds have cried and the grass is bitter,

make haste cos the lions know you are weak and the hunters know you are hungry,

but what’s makes the hunter come kill you?

what wrong did you do to him?

run like the winds,

run through the fields,

run fast and let clouds give you wings,

run cos your in danger,

dear deer, run,

when it’s over and the hunters are no more, we will all rejoice,

but till then, run,

the clouds are with you.


I left her crying,

the silence was huge, it hovered in every corner of our small rental house,

my thoughts were at peace, but my heart was shattered,

the mind does the thinking but the heart feels the pain,

thinking she is still crying, thinking she will not let go soon,

thinking about the lost laughs, smiles and the wifey jokes she does,

this kind of love is bad, the love where joy is kept aside and weirdness roams,

when you want to be funny but you notice her lips aren’t the same they usually are,

i hate this kind of love,

sprinkle the normalcy back, but who is to do that?

a fight not forced by bad intentions,

rather forced by a bad move that tickled the negative side, and it laughed,

it’s still laughing and the positive side is sad,

my dear wife,

i don’t like the new you,

the sad you, the serious you,

come back to normal, the change is not for me,

a fight with my wife,

a fight with my heart,

a fight with the happy me.


Friends who come and go,

they make the smiles then dim the glow,

they make summer then suddenly make it snow,

thinking blood is not thicker than water,

thinking blood is not always red,

lovers who knock and don’t stay for long,

strangers who give you a peck and leave you with hope,

friends who don’t fill your pockets but fill every fibre in you with happiness,

lovers who give you hope to love, and love to make you hopeless,

thinking love is love, when hope is hopeless,

break a heart, break a soul, break a mind,

sleeping on an empty stomach and hunger doesn’t care,

family that shields you, guard you, and shelter you from the scotching sun,

thinking blood is thicker than water,

thinking blood is always red,

the songs mosquitos sing, annoying,

but we clap with the rhythm they flow with, surprisingly,

strangers in life,

stranger becoming a wife,

people in your life come and go,

that’s part of life, you should know,

look who came in my life!


Pain, or rather pains,

gain, or rather gains,

a tear, or rather tears,

bargain of life, or rather bargains of life,

which builds a strong soul?

somebody’s dying wish,

a regret or a final good deed?

we say white is Godly and black is evil,

but why hide from the whitest clouds and merry under the blackest clouds above us?

so what’s Godly and what’s evil?

a surprise to me, a confused thought towards my fore fathers,

the thickest waist attracts the eyes of men but not their hearts,

thirty two teeth qualifies a man to be matured,

what does that make me? a man with less teeth but with hairy legs and a big beard with partly grey hair?

a tear, or rather tears,

pain, or rather pains,

your mouth says you are young but your skin says you are getting old,

gain, or rather gains?


I look to the right i see light,

i look to the left i see darkness,

lightness that shines dim,

darkness that brightens the darkest part of a human soul,

lightness that gives a partial blind man no hope,

darkness that unites hearts in the name of love,

lightness that destroys a thief’s plan,

darkness so dark, women in the park,

hope on the negative side,

despair on the positive side,

words not audible in the bright,

shyness visible in the light,

a large pupil bringing great vision,

the darkest place strategizes a great mission,

i look to the left i see light,

i look to the right i see darkness.


My left hand is heavy,

my ring finger bears the weight,

the hard work of getting her a chevy,

the hard struggle of making it to eight,

the ring i have brings thoughts,

thoughts of sadness,

that feeling of entanglement that surpasses that of an ancient African slave,

look at me…look at me,

a circus with no audience,

a rainy season with no rain,

my right hand is light,

it defines life with no other colour than white,

it has zero commitments and responsibilities,

it doesn’t shy off from showing itself to beautiful women,

it’s free to roam and free to explore the no-man’s land,

this married life,

this married wife,

this sharp knife,

this overwhelming hype,

this heavy ring finger,

it’s bitterness.. ginger,

this ring i have,

the jeweler who made it,

the ring bearer who handed it to us,

it’s a shame,

but who is to blame?


Why are thoughts so burdened by thoughts?

evil so burdened by evil?

why are hearts in our chests and hurt without bleeding?

blood lost brings sympathy,

none will cry when there is no bleeding,

why is love bitter and hate sweet?

a knife scratches but a mouth slices to death,

why does colour matter? yet school is meant to eradicate foolishness!

why?…. why?

why does one added to one has to be eleven? yet it’s not meant to be complicated!

why does one has to be a spiritual enemy but a physical brother or sister?

i don’t know how to look,

i only know how to stare, get glued to the things that make sense to my conscience and give light to my coldness.


Birds fly and sing,

singing songs of joy,

all with different but matching colours,

their wings wide enough,

their sense of humour not noticed,

but they sing,

songs of wonder,

i wonder who is their choir master,

a Mrs. or a Mr.,

a young lady or a beautiful young lady,

these ears,

oh! this year, i will be at peace,

beautiful birds sing,

sing my year to merry,

cries of a hardened heart now soften,

a heart that felt heat from the sun and the moon at the same time,

but now it touches laughs and sees beautiful,

the beauty of hearing rhythms which you do not understand, but only makes sense to my troubles and worries,

birds of wonder with their songs of wonder,

they serve love with their voices and crush hate with their beauty.


A gift for her from me,

a polished love poem,

a bunch of stolen dirty jokes,

a love song full of Jason Mraz, James Blunt and Passenger’s verses,

tell you the sweetest word my tongue can curve,

speak your language without knowing the meaning,

having dinner without involving our stomachs,

or give you the cutest smile my mind can think of,

act silly, maybe you will laugh and i will add a point to my never ending exam,

i don’t know what you like,

my mind has many choices,

a small gift but it tells what’s inside me,

a small heart with shy but true motives,

that’s a gift from me to you,

a settled choice,

have it.


My heart in shambles,

my body in pain,

sorrow and anguish have find a home,

my lips no longer stretch to give a kiss,

they only stretch to satisfy a frowning face,

beautiful rose flowers, red and yellow,

the seller, a very good fellow,

their sweet smell, their bright colours,

their convincing appearance, their seductive charm,

a coin for one, a penny for the other,

a thorn in the side,

that pricked my finger, my body in pain,

my finger in pain,

i’m back in pain,

their is nothing more to gain,

my heart in shambles,

sadness and grief have find a home.


I have been following my shadow,

a shadow that didn’t know it’s way,

a shadow that didn’t know if it existed,

a shadow that appeared when the sun rose and when the moon came out to replace it,

sometimes it multiplied to four,where two were dark and two looked like the sun and the moon didn’t want them to exist,

now the journey has come to an end, and i am lost,

because the shadow took me in all directions,

and got me to a place where my dreams ran away,

and nightmares dived in,

my ego hid it’s face when it saw my tears,

hope lost hope, it’s holding the last of it’s faith by a thread,

my heart turned to dust and the wind blew the dust away,

now i am heartless,

i love with my eyes and promise with my blood,

lost in the mind,lost for there is no home,

the sun is up, but my shadow is nowhere to be seen,

let the rain pour, so that i can drink it’s water,

straight from the clouds to my mouth,

i know clouds know no harm,

their skin is pure,

they will give me hope,

i will quench my thirst and find my way home.


Inside a cocoon,

you know no one but you,

you smell your own sweat,

wash your own pride,

kill your own smile,

know how dangerous or soft you are,

lay bricks with no foundation,

smoke with your ears and drink with your nose,

speak with silence and listen to noise,

have a purpose but not a choice,

courage comes in twos but fear comes in one,

fear of a drunk woman,

fear of a drunk child,

in the cocoon,it’s you against you,

a human being with a mirror,

the reflection not distorted,

a cocoon with no openings,

just you and your mind pondering on your thoughts,

cause your teeth have kept your tongue hostage,locked it within it’s cage.


Love became hate,

we were no longer mates,

our love counted from one to three and jumped to ten,

my heart was free but that was then,

love at first sight,

the birds can bear me witness,

your words can testify against you,

my dark skin,

my packed luggage full of your sins,

your light skin tone,

that pronounced darkness in capital letters,

it shone bright to show others the way, but dimmed to make me lost,

love is no longer love,

hate is the bond between us,

we now eat hate and vomit love,

a black crow from a white dove,

one, two, three…. ten,

ten to zero.


I sat under a mango tree and talked to myself,

then talked to my conscience,

i talked to the wind, sweet talked it to tell me it’s secrets,

how it talks to the trees and they listen,

i wanted to know the secret of being calm when the storm strikes,

i wanted to talk to the clouds,

but they were too high my voice was faint,

i was so mesmerized by them, how they could form into anything they wanted to be,

a unicorn that seized to exist, or a beautiful woman that doesn’t exist,

but they were too high,

i talked to the ground and made it my friend,

to be soft and not hard,

not to speak and be heard,

to be wet and not dry,

to speak when my strides are too wide,

to speak when my weight crushes it’s bones,

i couldn’t talk to the mango tree because it saw my troubled mind way before i spoke,

it consoled me with it’s leaves that fell like snow and formed a bed,

and sleep felt welcomed, walked in without knocking, and swept me in the land of imaginations.


I can’t find my way home,

i have been drinking and smoking too much,

i talked much and listened less,

i didn’t give my mouth a break,

it got tired that it didn’t open to gulp the last of my beer,

now my liver is drunk and my lungs are high,

i want to get home, my body can’t hold my bones any more.


Match stick, match box,

perfect pair for my happiness,

gasoline, an ingredient for my joy,

it’s joy that i yearn, it’s fire that i want,

my legs can’t feel my pants,

i’m numb,

i’l light my girlfriend’s hair,

gasoline not firewood,

i set fire to be happy,

i want to be happy,

i will be happy,

i will make chaos.


I talked to my heart,

it was full of doubts,

it’s love is free, but not free to you,

it’s blood is red, but not red to you,

it beats, but doesn’t beat for you,

it’s hungry, almost starving, but you are not the food it wants to eat,

it’s full of doubts,

dry, hot, drought,

i can’t talk for it, i follow it’s commands,

i can’t say yes when it says no,

sorry for shutting the door,

sorry for shutting down your intended love,

you try to curve every lie into truth,

curve love to speak a different language,

but my heart knows love and it knows it’s language,

you talk smooth when your voice is husky,

sorry my heart is in doubts,

closed all doors it’s out of bounce.


Let’s hold hands,

let’s make a union,

let’s make twenty out of our four hands,

speak with one voice and make thunder,

a forest full of trees and not shrubs,

we bring rain and be firm,

let ten put their lips together and kiss the sun,

to make it warm and not hot,

the power of ten,

the powers of Ben without the ten…….


I know he is a man,but you should let him weep,

emotions got the better of him because they shone brighter than his masculinity,

his emotions spoke faster than his ego could,

they spoke even when they were not spoken to,

let him weep,it’s not cowardice,

let him weep because he knows love and fears loosing,

a cold heart,a dead man,

let him weep to make his emotions soft and his heart warm,

yes, he is a man but let his tears run down,

they are tears of a man and not a boy.


I came too close to darkness,

my skin became darker,

my eyes shrunk,

my mind became wild,

all my thoughts changed to a different course,

i breathe hate and anger deeply instead of oxygen,

thinking if they will be the reason for me living,

i came too close to darkness,

but light reflected and glowed steady that hate and anger were put to shame,

darkness and light,

powerless and might,

widened eyes, dark skin,

kissing the sun, betraying the dark.


None felt the hate,

none felt the love,

none believed in fate,

none believed in the Supreme Being above,

none came too close,

none wiped the tears when they were wet,

none spoke, so hell broke,

broken heart, mended hope,

we move on even when no one cares,

hope drives us,

hope builds us,

my body won’t agree but my mind will,

we forge forward even when none cares,

self motivation,

self dedication.


Listen to the language of my heart,

it’s endless beats, it’s rhythm, it’s loudness,

you sleep when it’s not yet dark,

cos of it’s serenade talks and whispers,

it will make a home to a beautiful and gorgeous you,

stay close to my restless heart,

restless cos it yearns for a home not a house,

maybe the night won’t come too soon,


my eyes to be fooled and stay up,

my ears to hear nothing but the winds and the softness of your voice,

my heart to be dazzled,

my mouth to speak what’s pleasing to your ears,

it’s a strange language and complicated,

but only you can understand it,

bring your ears next my heart,

cos it’s only meant for you.


I am quiet,

my tongue can’t move,

it wants to but the words are too heavy for it’s shoulders to hold,

and my lips can’t stretch wide enough for them to come out,

the word are heavy and are not meant for the young,

they are not meant for those who are still suckling their mother’s breasts and those that are still tickling their father’s testicles,

neither are they meant for those who harvest but those who toiled the land,

i am quiet because the words that want to come out don’t mean well,

so i am quiet.


I am penning down these words,not knowing if it’s a poem or words of compliment,

if it’s morning or evening,

if it’s my heart trying to say ‘hi’ or it’s my hands just want to scribble that is readable,

your face doesn’t glitter,

it gives all the reasons for a heart to glitter,

a face made from Gede soil,

underneath your lower lip,

a birthmark,beauty spot or a pierce for beauty,

eyes that can make a man intimidated,

Santa,a beauty,a piece of art,

drunk yet sober,

ice on water,

shadows only present in my imagination,

beautiful on beautiful itself,

smiles that don’t define your beauty,

but add fire on fire itself,

kill them with your beauty on a beautiful face.


When my legs can’t hold my body,

when my memory disappears without notice,

when my black armpit hair turns grey,

when my teeth can’t handle a piece a meat,

when my head can no longer hold my wisdom,

when loneliness becomes my best friend,

when my eyes see nothing but only death at a distance,

when my future looses it’s voice but my present shouts loud,

when my bones are tired from all the years of running,

when my skin forms trenches of life which brands me ‘old’,

when my heart loves no more.


I love him but i love the other one more,

he is my husband,

the other is my crush,

i see a kind man,who cares for me,

i see the other with wild thoughts,enticing,alluring,

the urge to be with him has brought fights at my home,

i see a helpless husband,

how he wishes emotions could be controlled,straightened when crooked,

that’s how i wish too,

so that i can run away from this crazy,selfish feelings,

i have killed a man with love,

i have killed him with jealousy,

i have killed him with shame,the shame of loosing a wife to another man,

i have killed a good and kind man,my conscience won’t let me rest.


Sometimes i miss home but it’s not actually home,

the hospitality of mama,

she doesn’t like it when i murmur,

i’m old but young to her,

she is happy when her children are around,

i think it’s the missment that’s in her,

i think it’s the love that’s inner,

care that never fades,

food that never ends,

jokes ever flowing,

laughs ever present,

mistakes always solved,

she can do wonders,sugar in tea and doesn’t dissolve,

sometimes i miss home but it’s not actually home,

it’s fun when she is mad,but not at you,

she can fix you when mad,

she used to tell me no with just a look,

sometimes i miss home,

it always feels like there is a different type of air.


He is ever dark,he doesn’t have a spark,

when he is around make sure to be silent,

play dead so he can pass,

stay still not a heart beat to be heard,

don’t sleep nor blink,

use white not pink,

he has two ugly faces and roams in ugly places,

that’s where he takes people,

he denies you peace,

he doesn’t care for children or grown up men,

children who know nothing but peace,in their dreams he comes,

and settles for nothing but darkness,

he is a passing shadow,a dark and mean passing shadow,


Talk to her,

drive her mind to a nice place,

with a slow pace,

she wants to dance on that pole,

tell her she will fall in a deep hole,

call her by her name,

tell her unique words,

words that are going to make her mind change,

you sweet talk for your own selfish gain,

today,sweet talk to ease her pain,

let’s hope she ran,

cos it’s about to rain,

the sun is gone,

let’s hope the darkness hide her shine.


Short cuts,long cuts,


dsq,master ensuite,

you think a lot,he is stress free,

you want to climb up,he is already at the top of the tree,

you make hard situation easy to escape the reality,

so you get the wrong idea of the real situation,

on a rocky road you put on shoes,

on a hot sunny day you put on a cap,

life gives you lemon,you make lemonade,

the hard and easy way situations both count in one’s life,

lemonade,a good story about your life journey,

lemon and lemonade,the best story about your life journey,

putting on a cap,putting on shoes,

the easy or hard way,it’s for you to choose,

wiser thinking and choices are through experiencing both ways,

you start from a dark spot to a bright place with sun rays,

every situation counts,

unemployment,that’s a blessing,

one meal per day,that’s a blessing,

everything with a reason,

it’s for a season,

no situation is permanent,God has a purpose for everything that’s happening in one’s life.


My lips touching yours,

my hands on your neck,

your thigh tattoo,feels good when i caress,

can’t talk about what’s up the tattoo,

it’s a door i’m yet to open,

my heart all out,

my eyes on your lips,

i love how they move,

your hands so gentle,can’t explain how it will feel i peddle,

it’s not my imagination,

making your mouth listen but not your ears,

making your body whistle i wish i was near,

your body moves and curves,

i enjoyed the kisses,unfortunately the bridge broke,

you say you will fight how you feel,

but you don’t know how i feel.


If i tell you a story don’t be too keen to listen,

pick two out the ten i’m going to tell you,

because my tongue is hot,

it’s blazing flame won’t go out,

because lies is it’s firewood,

and my charms are gallon of petrol,

be scared of what comes out of my mouth,

my tongue knows lies,

the truth is a stranger,

it takes pride in lies but feel disgraced in truth,

i will tell you a story but don’t be too keen to listen.


Drunkard: i know my liver is messed up,but my heart is honest.

Smoker: i know my lungs are messed up,but my heart is honest.

Lawyer: i know my mouth is full of lies,but my heart is honest.

Murderer: i know my hands are full on cries of people i have killed,but my heart is honest.

Thief: i know my eyes deceive me most of the time,but my heart is honest.


Was i on the wrong?

or did i satisfy your curiosity?

1000 miles away but you are zero distance at heart,

were my last words bitter?

did my looks fade away?

i write but everything floats,

i wonder if that was a goodbye,

a man i thoughts sending messages that float,

i will blow you a kiss even though many have blown,

i hope it will reach you,

that’s my wish,

a reply to many of my floating messages,

i hope one day they land,

my heart is intact but it seems to be stolen,

everything i ever did is forgotten,

i thought i would watch our relationship grow,

with all the lights around us making it glow,

now i’m just a man in thought sending messages that float.


Shine dim like an old lantern,

spring up high like an entrance fountain,

not so high like Kilimanjaro mountain,

eat well maybe Nigerian’s plantain,

we love friends but it’s not a must we have them,

kiss and keep them,

push away those who kiss back with a smelling mouth,

too much of something,

too much of everything,

shine dim like an old lantern and let them not know your name,

too much brightness attracts even the unwanted,

be the ‘not so much’ and the ‘not so less’ person,

you will walk without legs see without eyes and fly with one wing.


His family hasn’t eaten for a day,
doing odd jobs,given peanuts as a day pay,
he doesn’t have money,should he cry,
he doesn’t have money,should he die,
rich in faith,rich in belief,
poor in earthly things,poor but relieved,
started the day with a prayer,
if anything is to go wrong,his faith is there,
the day is hard,
his children wish even a loaf they had,
things got tougher,
give one child and be rich,
persuaded to join a cult,his faith won’t allow,
he loves his God,he trusts He will bring change,
i know my God,
with me is no silver but He will give me gold,
i know i will pass,my suffering is a test,
His word has a sweet taste,
you can’t copy paste,
his family drowns in hunger,
his son has nothing but anger,
my dad is lazy,he should get busy,
a man with big faith,
he goes to work,lifting heavy loads,
filled with thoughts,wondering if he should join the other ‘lords’,
cries start flowing in his heart,
his situation is hard that it’s tearing him apart,
he dies at work,while in deep thoughts,
he wish he could help his family while he floats.


They tell you they don’t have any shilling,

you don’t understand so you develop hard feelings,

what they put on the table is what they got searching here and there,

you don’t understand so you demand chips and a pear,

he walks miles just to see everybody in the family smile,

cause you don’t understand you compare your life with theirs,

at night it’s usually dim lights,an old lantern,

next compound is usually bright lights,an entrance with a huge fountain,

you want to be like them,money wrapped with rubberbands,

they sing it anywhere even in live music bands,

but you cant’t sing your song,

because you think it’s harmful to people’s ears,

they are parents so they understand,

but you fail to look beyond what they usually do,

a parent’s sacrifice is always hidden,

they walk through thorns and hills,

even in forests with animals that kill,

you don’t understand,you rather take your life with a pill.


A mother is sweet and caring,

a father’s eye is red when staring,

a son remains a child to a mother,

the word son means high expectations to a father,

a mother prevents a son from fights,

a father wants manliness and might,

same bond but different ways to show affection,

same love and it’s not they want attention,

being harsh,

being tough,

being strict can’t blow it,

no one loves less that the other,

to neither a sister nor a brother,

parents tell a story with the same ending,

but they both have different ways of telling it,

an ending of their children being of good character responsible and successful in life.


I can give you whatever you want,but my heart is not satisfied,

it yearns more of what you are giving it,

it wants hot not warm,

it wants smiles not frowns,

it wants whispers not noise,

i can die for you,but my heart is unsatisfied,

it wants full and not half,

it doesn’t want just your smile but also laughs,

it doesn’t want your dim light,it wants a fully bright one,

i can loose everything for you,but my heart is unsatisfied,

give it hugs that will tickle it’s four chambers,

give it peace,

give it love,

let whatever we have be white,pure as a dove,

allow the shooting stars to keep passing by,we make wishes,

i can defy all odds,but my heart is not satisfied.


Started when seven,

so innocent didn’t know you could be at stake,

four years to eleven,still innocent though ailing,

your childhood full of up and downs,

In school though trying but kept on failing,

nobody lost faith,all our hopes were not low neither was our belief faint,

from primary to high school,everybody thought you were cool,

we made fun out of everything even fought,

it’s a sister brother thing that’s what i thought,

in everything we could fit in,the jokes,

four more years to fifteen,in and out of hospital blocks,

it became severe,sometimes chaos in the house,

you were suffering,

couldn’t even make it to school safaris,

your childhood taken away,couldn’t eat this couldn’t eat that,

how hard it was,guess nature had it’s way,

six more years to twenty one,a lot you had done,

fast forward to July,the moment everybody’s question was why,

in mum’s and dad’s arm,you slept at last,

there was nothing we could ask for,

we were five now we are four,

seven years to this day,

we still say hey.


My heart is not made of steel,

tell me a bad joke and i won’t hold still,

joy and happiness is what he is used to steal,

a thief’s heart has little love much steel,

he comes to you don’t stay still,

run because he is coming to steal,

i will tell you naughty words because i know your heart is not made of steel,

i know your blood pressure won’t stay still,

then your virginity i will steal,

savage and brutal i know..but still,

everybody makes a regretful move in life if not rob lie then it’s steal,

some actions can get you killed by stones or steel,

a wise man once said be as strong as steel,

be like the morning ocean waters always still,

be honest, trustworthy and never steal.


We all want to sit on the iron throne,

but our swords are blunt,

our army is full of farmers and not soldiers,

the one on the throne is full of darkness,

her heart hates our children but loves her own,

our children can’t hide,

the one on the throne has sharp eyes,

we can’t sharpen our swords today,

we will do it tomorrow,

who is our leader?

we can’t find our leader,

we are at war unprepared,

no part of our body wants to do this,

our hands are trembling,

our legs are weak,we can’t stand,

we have to go back home,

to peep is not a sign of cowardice but a strategy of putting yourself together,

let’s live to fight another day.


There are shadows everywhere,

love so deep when hit by cupid’s arrows,

love lovers guided by light shadows,

the shadows speak when spoken to,

they give hope,

the darker the shadow,the darker the sky,

let the night fall,

my shadow to disappear,

let me be lost in thoughts,

not to find my way home,

wonder in the darkest places,

no shadow with me,

no moon to light,

not to shine so bright,

to be lost is better than to be found,

let the morning spring out,

my shadow to wake me up,

to take me home by it’s side,

fall into a deep sleep never to wake again.


…was a happy face,now it’s bruised,

was it the alcohol or the juice,

strength of a baboon,

weight of a baloon,

come take me,i have no one to take me home,

it was an innocent dance,

there is no way i can give her a chance,

sleeping with a broken heart,

this wound,an open part,

i wore my suit in laughs,

i wore a face of jokes,bluffs,

it was a mistake,now i know,

my conscience,white as snow…


You thought you were a man so you wanted to roar,

you never listened when i told you not to hit it raw,

now you are in the hospital waiting area sitting in the fifth row,

listening to your conscience wishing you could have known.

but time has flown,

everything you ever dreamt of will be soon gone,

patting your chest,telling it everything will okay,

deep down the heart knows the truth,

but being best friends,it doesn’t tell,

it gives you hope,

it tells you everything will be okay too.


She has a heart of gold,

before she had a heart so cold,

she has regrets,she never forgets,

her six year old daughter,well mannered,

that’s how she taught her,

she will never go back,maybe her heart turns black,

she was a loser,

she does everything for her daughter not to loose her,

she sees love not hate,

she sees mercy not revenge.


I want to break the silence,but i know you are still mad,

making you angry,i wish i never had,

silence has taken over,

the air is empty,

no words to fill the space,

it’s empty everywhere,

i was wrong to make you angry,

i take the blame,

let us rekindle back the flame,

maybe my love was wild,i promise i will tame,

i will stitch every hole i made in your heart,

not with a string but with true and honest words,

let’s fill the air again,

with words that will make you curve your cute and thick lips.


I smile but i don’t know who my father is,

i smile but i only have have a glimpse of how my mother was,

i smile but i don’t have any siblings,

my tears and struggles shedded off my skin of being soft,

i’m a strong man,

i fear none,

i’m a big man,

i hear none,

life has made me a man before the age,

many don’t understand,

only God knows,

school is a fantasy,

a home is a dream,

food is a struggle,

my childhood taken away,

all my tears dried up,i don’t cry no more,

the cold nights,but i don’t cry no more,

my sick body,but i don’t cry no more,

the heavy world on my shoulder,but i don’t cry no more,

i can’t make lemonade out of lemon,but i don’t cry no more,

this is my life,

a boy standing on his own,God be my guide and guard.


I give you my hand,

open it,

see the patterns on my hands,

you have to foresee something nice,

i know my life and i know where i’m going,

you have seen my friend’s future,

oh seer,let mine be like his,

lots of money and not be like this,

i see my life in shambles,

but see the opposite,

my hands are dark,i know,

paint them bright,

make them shine so bright,

make me go home in peace,

make my mind be at peace,

stretch my hands,

make them touch the deepest end of positivity,

you fortune teller,

make me go home in peace.


2012,in a month so cold,

her light skin tone,

me,black as coal,

my clothes,sharp not torn,

her intimidating look,

her black shiny long dress,

that’s why i was impressed,

my courage all faded,

her smile brought fear,

my heart went so near,

she laughed sweetly,

our bond went swiftly,

it was love,blood red,

i gave her a nickname,Choco,

she is in my mind,

she was amazing,

but she is no more,

her spot still remains,though faint,

the picture is drew,i should have painted,

she was a beauty,she is still a beauty,

my words sound loud,but it’s a whisper,

i blew a kiss in the air,but let it not find her,

let it wonder freely,not to find a place to land,

i wished her well,

i know she is well.


My heart aches,

a bees’s stinger,

a terrible singer,

is it a man or a woman,

is it a show of the famous Hooman?

i’m hurt,

my heart won’t fall for my winks,

a sweet charmer to others,

a poor charmer to myself,

feelings do make one’s body ache,

down from the toe,up to to the neck,

there is too much darkness,

i long for a daybreak,

the most sensitive part,

oh my sensitive heart,

i woke up like this,

my warm body with a cold heart,

if i smile,my heart will frown,

no heart is ugly,but mine is,

i want my heart back,soft and tender just like those of minors.


The truth hurts,many will agree,

telling lies saves,many will agree,

you tell a lie to sooth your heart,after a lie the heart dances shouting ‘no trouble’

our society revolves around lies,some open some hidden,

in the air you see butterflies, a horse gallops when ridden,

it’s not easy to trust a skinny chef,

neither it’s not easy to hire an overweight personal trainer,

we chose him by raising our hands,he sweet talked us and ran away with the public funds,

if you lie you are corrupt,

all the truth in a plastic paper,wrapped,

i wonder if the truth really matters,

lies dominate from fathers to mothers,

so many cases of lies leading to murders,

lies kiss with open eyes,the truth kisses with closed eyes,

if the truth is so clear,she will definately lift one leg in the air just like disney.


Unfortunately it was his shift,

he had forfeit for a about a week,

he prayed not to fall in that hole that he had climbed out of,

he could not control,neither could he choose,

a truck full of beer,

his whole body trembled with fear,

the journey started,what could he have done and they had parted,

the aroma drove him crazy,could he have avoided? maybe,

he parked and drunk one or two bottles,

all to ease the effects of the bumps from the potholes,

two became ten,the journey he had forgoten,

his body began to stagger,he wished what he had taken was a burger,

the journey came to an end,

and there was nothing he could mend,

he knew he had lost his job,for the beer tricked his soul,

so he started to sob.


A stressful mind,he is hostile but mine,

a floating feather,in a windy weather,

happiness is not with us,

no rainy clouds,the flower withers,

no goals yet,we are not winners,

i read the bible to burst my negative bubbles,

young with a wrinkled skin,young with a messed up spleen,

it’s the thoughts,

only if happiness could be bought,

i could be far away in my boat,

talk with a low tone,

talk with a soft voice,

a blind man’s room needs no light,

a stressed man’s mind needs a light,

the dark thoughts,

the duck floats,

i know He sees us,because i believe in Jesus,

i believe it will pass,

and the flower will blossom again.


Whisper too loud,

hide your songs,

owe her nothing but love,

walk in her heart,don’t run,

rekindle what blew off,

brush your teeth when she is coming,

your words to be fresh and clean,

curve every bluff into sense,

if you wish,give her thousands not cents,

she is used to late nights outs,that’s tradition,

skip meals,

write her a letter,

come home early not later,

take her on expensive mutura dates,

the one with thick creamy soup,

do everything in whispers,

too low not anyone to hear,

too loud to make her giggle.


As a man problems can belittle you,

you feel small and tiny,

you keep lamenting and whining,

you stretch your hand but receive nothing,

you have a strong heart that you don’t want to deceive,

but you tell it lies,

i know i have let my people down,my bad,

don’t throw stones at it,that’s my bird,

feed my people’s hunger,

starve my people’s fear,

they haven’t experience this for years,

because of thoughts he starts shedding tears,

the great wall has fallen,he starts shading his fears,

it’s not a big problem,

there is the bigger problem,

problems overpower him,

he soaks himself in alcohol,

in a bar with very fancy furniture,

too drunk,all he could see is a funny chair,

he walks home praying to see tomorrow,

believing he will get someone to borrow.


A guy commented about slavery,he said slavery was a choice,

they did show bravery,but did not shout in a deep voice,

a spear matches no gun,

a bow and an arrow matches no arsenal,

if they did they’ll be long gone,

nobody can be oppressed at his own will,

there were rebellious groups,

it tells you it wasn’t by choice,

whispers can be noise,

it takes intelligence to boost,

all our ancestors were forced,

it’s not by choice we get robbed,

it’s not by choice some get mobbed,

it’s not by choice we get robbed off our rights,

we have Boniface Mwangi,a public figure,

he shouts in a deep voice,

we have me even though bigger,shout in a soft voice,

we arm ourselves,

our slogan, never sway,

our armors on the shelves.


We are dancing in the muddy water,

there is nothing but laughs,

our reflection on the water,

sweat drops distorting the relection,

our problems on the sideline,

laughs drives us to forget,

the old forget they are old,

the young do as they are told,

the old act like they are drunk,

there is no music,

they know the melody in their heads,

they mess their legs and clothes,

no bathing,let the mud dry on us,

feel like buffalos,

let grass grow on us,so birds can land on our heads and sing,

we will dance to their cheerful tunes,

suffocate in happiness,

fell the love breeze,

we are one,let’s play.


Well spoken,good character,

generous token,small hands,

big ambition,small faith,

take it all,leave none,

long hands but they don’t bend,

small head but it grasps alot,

let my heart run,run so fast that it faints,

i will not give it water,

it’s the best revenge for letting me down,

a stubborn heart,a selfish heart,

a big heart but knows no love,

cry with no tears,

laugh with tears,

screams but they fade in the air,

the bad are always in pairs,

when a question rises,an answer makes it fall,

you don’t have luck,that’s why they happen,

the problem you have,that’s a huge burden,

and things won’t change so sudden,

you are not cursed,

it’s just not your day.


Look at it’s size,tiny yet big,

it has no muscles,

the beautiful butterfly has no muscles,

how is a horse it’s son?

an animal that gallops in the scorching son!

who is the father?

a tiny mother,a humongous son,

it swallows saliva but breathes fire,

a beautiful mother with an ugly child,

colors that brighten on the touch of the sunrays,

floats in the air defying gravity,

makes no sound when around,

but look at the horse! strong with fur!

sensitive to danger,and breathes fire,

listen to the noise, what a horrifying voice,

it jumps high without wings,

can do wonders,talked to and listens,

it’s the husky voice that brings laughs to it’s mother,

joy not sorrow,

fix not break,

the trees also listen but talk to themselves because they are wise,

it’s a relationship worth saving,let no other animal ruin it.

Hands full of secrets

She hid her secrets between her fingers,

clench a fist and swore not to open it,

secrets that will yell their lungs out once the hole opens,

they are so dark that the lights trembles,

her mouth sieves because her trust faded,

she sings songs only her know,

she can’t sing a common song,

she eats bones and leaves the stake,

she sleeps with a cold naked heart but her hand is always warm,

she is not at peace,

let her secrets come out,

let her be free,

regrets bring shame but make you strong,

let her fist loosen,

let her mind be at peace.


I now sleep on the same bed my father used to sleep,
it feels cosy at night but in the morning i weep,
he snored with no rhythm,
he snored so loud and they told no tale neither did they make me want to sleep,
it’s a hole so deep,
sometimes i drown in my own sweat,
sometimes it’s so hard that it makes my body ache,
i don’t want to sleep on it again,
but it’s the only bed there is in the house,
spooky feeling,slow healing,
the bedbugs won’t let me sleep,
they take away my pride of being a dreamer,
they say what doesn’t dream is as good as dead,
i feel dead for a moment as my dreams are nowhere to be found,
it’s a bed i never thought it would be hard for me to sleep on,
i now look my father with a different eye,
the eye that never dances,
never blinks,
never stops being white,
that’s how being in my father’s shoe feels like.


We often change profile pictures in facebook but forget to change our ways of life,

People know you are a crook,ever walking around with a knife,

just like the bold and the beautiful Brook,she can’t make a good wife,

change is good,like ugali nyama that’s my favorite food,

they will not leave you alone and if they do they are long gone,

Coast leaders want to form their own party,it’s change,so let us

celebrate and party,

you have to look what’s ahead and see what’s coming,

because everybody wants to be noticeable like Abramyan,

we live for tomorrow not today,

so don’t say YOLO, not today,

change your plans if you need to but stick to your purpose.

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